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Grimes Teases New Album with Potential Tracklist, Song Descriptions

Grimes has shared a tentative tracklist for her new album. The musician posted the song titles in a new Instagram story, captioned with “working titlez, subject to change but just so y’all know its real.” On Twitter, the songwriter teased fans about a new song dropping soon. “Wanna drop song soon ish so wud u pref super dark heavy ballad about fighting balrog in the center of earth that is a sex metaphor or a very not pg13 ethereal shadow of colossus demon nu metal song art insomnia?,” she wrote on Twitter.

The songwriter has been teasing the release for some time now, saying she has a “deep well of shit” but due to complications with her “shit label” has been unable to put anything out. The album is rumored to feature a collaboration with controversial YouTube star Poppy, and made a recent guest appearance on Janelle Monáe’s standout album Dirty Computer. She also recently appeared with Tesla CEO Elon Musk at the Met Gala. Check out both album updates below.

grimes posted this on her story “working titlez”!!!!! #grimes

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