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BTS Were on Ellen and I’m Screaming!

K-pop septet BTS are making an encore appearance on the Ellen Degeneres Show today, where the group performed their new single “Fake Love” and a second song, “Airplane Pt. 2,” as an online-only exclusive. The performances went smoothly, so what’s most memorable about this interview—and probably most places BTS appear in public these days—is the screaming. The Ellen studio audience isn’t especially large, but they outdid themselves: They cheered so loudly during individual introductions that the show’s subtitle writers missed Jungkook and Jimin’s names. The “behind the scenes” footage from taping? It’s mostly just screaming.

This, as Ellen pointed out during BTS’ first appearance on her show last December, is the kind of phenomenon that reminds Americans of the Beatles’ first visit to the U.S. Last time BTS were on the show, Ellen (with the help of an interpreter) cheekily asked if anyone in the group had ever “hooked up” with a fan. This time, BTS leader RM told Ellen she’s personally responsible for teaching Korea the meaning of the word “hookup,” and when Ellen again asked if any band members had a girlfriend, a very eager audience member yelled, “Pick me!”

Watch interview clips and song performances from BTS’ latest Ellen appearance below.

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