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Bon Iver Manager Kyle Frenette Withdraws from Wisconsin Congressional Race

Earlier this year, Bon Iver‘s longtime manager Kyle Frenette announced he was running for Congress as the Democratic candidate in Wisconsin’s 7th Congressional District. Now, Frenette has published a statement saying that he plans to withdraw from the Congressional race.

“Due to unforeseen circumstances in my life, I will not be able to continue giving this campaign and the people of the 7th district the time and attention they deserve,” the statement reads. “There are a number of other great candidates in the race who are ready to represent the district. I look forward to supporting whoever prevails in the August Primary.”

The statement also notes Frenette’s plan to “continue to work hard to effect change and uphold the values this campaign stood for.” “There is still so much work to be done,” the statement continues. “I’ll be around.” Find the full statement below.


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