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Arrested Development Season 5 and Season 4 “Remix” Are Coming to Netflix Soon

Arrested Development creator Mitchell Hurwitz has taken to Twitter to announce two updates about the future of his beloved comedy show: details about the formerly announced Season 5 and a upcoming “remix” version of Season 4. According to Hurwitz’s note, the show’s Season 5 is coming, “Like real soon. Like, if you knew when, you would not be wrong to be thinking ‘why are we all just hearing this now?'” He also announced that a new “remix” of Season 4 of the show will be premiering on Netflix this Friday (May 4), which will intertwine all of the disparate Bluth storylines from that season into one chronological timeline, featuring all the main characters in every episode. This would disrupt the disjunctive “Rashomon-style of storytelling” of the season and “shuffle the content from 15 individualized stories into 22 interwoven stories the length of the original series.” Season 4 of the series originally premiered on Netflix in 2013. At the time of a 2016 Hollywood Reporter interview with Hurwitz, as its writer Tim Goodman points out, the 22-episode “remix” version of the season was allegedly already completed and “just sitting on a shelf.” Read Hurwitz’s full announcement below.