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Walmart Yodel Boy Mason Ramsey Has a Real Song and a Record Deal Now

walmart yodeling kid gets record deal

When does a person from a meme become a real celebrity? Did you know the Walmart yodel kid has a single and a record deal now? Mason Ramsey, the 11-year-old newly famous for his star turn yodeling in a Kentucky Walmart, has signed with Atlantic Records and Nashville-based Big Loud Records, the three parties announced this morning. He’s also dropped his first-ever original single, a non-yodeling country ballad titled “Famous,” and he’s celebrating today with his second appearance on the Ellen show this month. He’s come so far since… actually just two weeks ago, when he was excitedly telling Ellen about his first-ever limo ride.

In signing to Atlantic, Ramsey follows in the footsteps of another viral-clip-to-record-deal sensation: Bhad Bhabie, the 15-year-old formerly known as “Cash Me Outside Girl.” Of course, something like this was bound to happen—even a very good viral Hank Williams yodel cover will only take you so far, and Ramsey and his family can’t expect to keep booking concerts and Coachella appearances without some fresh material. “If I’m gonna be famous for something, girl I want to be famous for loving you,” Ramsey sings on “Famous,” which is sweet and harmless if a bit precocious for an 11-year-old. If the song gets airplay on country radio—as Ramsey’s new managers are surely hoping it will—this could be the start of a full-time career. Plus, we get these photos of Ramsey holding a guitar that’s probably 120% of the size he is, so that’s pretty cute. Listen to “Famous” below.