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Cops Raided an Awesome-Sounding Rave in an Abandoned Toys “R” Us and Arrested Five People

LONDON, ENGLAND - FEBRUARY 19: Closing down signs sit on the window of Toys R Us in New Kent Road on February 19, 2018 in London, England. The toy retailer which employs 3,000 people faces going into administration if it is unable to pay a £15M VAT bill by the end of this month. (Photo by Jack Taylor/Getty Images)

A bunch of West London ravers were living the “music inside of an empty shopping mall” meme IRL when some cops crashed their party and arrested five people, multiple outlets have reported. The Hounslow Police of West London recently tweeted that theyd “closed down an unlicensed music event on Bull’s Bridge Industrial Estate, Hayes Road, UB2,” arresting five people and seizing what was surely a bitchin’ sound system. The site of the rave was evidently an abandoned Toys “R” Us, the formerly ubiquitous toy store chain that is shutting down operations for good June 30.

The fuzz also tweeted a photo from the scene, of a Toys “R” Us signed vandalized to read Raves “R” Us, with an anarchy circle around the A, naturally.

Our sympathies extend to the ravers, who seem like they were set to have a pretty excellent time before the police arrived. Imagine the joy of finding one last Nerf gun on the shelf, or an abandoned Geoffrey the Giraffe suit, just as the drugs were kicking in.

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