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Sorority Noise Cancel Tour Following Sexual Assault Allegation [UPDATE]

Members of Sorority Noise have released a public statement “from the band” responding to an accusation of sexual assault against frontman Cameron Boucher and canceling their current tour. “We are aware of the allegation against Cam that was posted on Reddit earlier today,” the statement reads. “Our team is doing its due diligence and looking into the matter as quickly as possible. In the meantime, we are no longer playing tonight’s show in London with the Wonder Years and will be removing ourselves from the rest of the tour.”

The accusation against Boucher was first publicized by a third party in a Monday night Facebook post that surfaced online Tuesday. Today, an anonymous user published a follow-up Reddit post identifying herself as the victim of the alleged rape, which she says took place in 2013. “I immediately felt like something was wrong but I compartmentalized it for a month or so until I realized it was, in fact, rape,” she wrote. “I never intended to have this in the public sphere, mostly because I don’t want to deal with backlash or people telling me this isn’t abuse.”

Yesterday, in a personal statement responding to the initial Facebook post, Boucher denied accusations of sexual misconduct. Sorority Noise were currently amid the U.K. leg of a final tour ahead of a previously announced hiatus.

Update (5 p.m.): As of today, Sorority Noise have been dropped by their publicists. “We are not working with them anymore,” a representative for PR firm Brixton Agency said in a statement to Spin. When reached for comment, Sorority Noise’s manager said, “We have nothing else to say beyond the statement posted on Twitter at this time.”

Find Sorority Noise’s full cancelation statement below.