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Queens of the Stone Age and El-P Approve of This Unofficial Mashup Album

The obvious way to make an El-P/Queens of the Stone Age mashup would be to slap the rapper’s verses over the band’s slinky stoner rock riffs. But El Q, released a few weeks ago by the mashup artist ToToM, is more interesting, instead pitting Queens vocals against beats from El’s long career as a solo artist, Run the Jewels member, and Definitive Jux records honcho and producer. It’s a neat effect, turning Josh Homme from a leather-clad rock’n’roll frontman into an elusive Beth Gibbons-style trip-hop diva. We don’t often post this sort of thing here, but the fact that both artists involved seem to be fans makes El Q an exception. “It’s kind of awesome. Thanks for this weird gift,” El-P tweeted this morning, to which the QOTSA account responded with that universal symbol of 21st-century appreciation, the flame emoji. Hear it below via Bandcamp.