Prince’s Official Memoir Will Be Released Later This Year

Prince's Memoir Due Out By Christmas
(Photo by Bertrand Guay/AFP/Getty Images)

ICM Partners’ Esther Newberg announced on Wednesday (April 18) that Prince’s memoir will be published by the holiday season.

Three editors met with Prince at his Paisley Park home in Minneapolis, and a deal was made weeks before he died in April 2016, Newberg said on Variety‘s “Strictly Business” podcast.

“It’s never been done before,” Newberg said when asked about the pitch process. “Editors don’t like to be in the same room making their pitches to the same potential clients. We had to do it because I knew he would not want to meet individually with editors.”

Prince was “committed to the book project” and worked together with author Dan Piepenbring, personally handwriting over 50 manuscript pages. Reproductions of his longhand pages might be included in the book, according to Newberg.

The project was originally announced about a month before Prince’s death, with a tentative title of The Beautiful Ones. Publishers described it as being “an unconventional and poetic journey through his life and creative work.”

This story originally appeared on Billboard.


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