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Omni’s “Sunset Preacher” Is a Reminder That They’re One of the Best Post-Punk Bands Going

Atlanta’s Omni have only been around for two years or so, but in that time they’ve already released two very good full-lengths. They make post-punk that is ambitious but approachable, sneaking big musical ideas into small-sounding songs and delivering them with deceptively effortless-seeming style. Now they’ve released “Sunset Preacher,” the A-side of a new single, via Stereogum, and if you’re not up on their back catalog, don’t worry: With a constantly shifting groove that still manages to convey rock’n’roll swagger, it’s as good an entry point into their sound as anything they’ve recorded so far. Omni are good enough to break through to a bigger audience whenever their next album arrives—not long, perhaps, given their rapid-fire recording schedule so far—and “Sunset Preacher” is a welcome sign that they don’t plan to sand off their own interesting edges any time soon. Hear it below.

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