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Liz Phair on Trump: “I’ll Do Anything I Can To Take Him Down”

Liz Phair on Trump: “I’ll do anything I can to take him down"

In a new profile for The CutLiz Phair has a strong desire to take down President Trump. According to writer and Phair superfan Emily Gould, Phair’s comment was prompted by the fact that their interview took place shortly after the home and office of Trump’s fiercely devoted personal attorney, Michael Cohen, was being raided by the FBI. Phair broached the topic while the two were walking through the Getty Museum in Los Angeles. From The Cut:

On the day we meet, Donald Trump’s lawyer’s office has just been raided by the F.B.I., and the national mood (at least in my bicoastal bubble) is hopeful, in that bitter, punch-drunk way we’ve come to be so familiar with. One of the first signs that I’m not actually in Heaven is when Phair brings up Trump: “I’ll do anything I can to take him down,” she says as we stroll through the peaceful gallery full of artifacts of a dead civilization.

Phair solidified her status as a #Resistance warrior when she tweeted the following March Madness bracket predicting that a retired FBI director was going to win the NCAA championship.

The singer-songwriter then explained that the current political climate is inspiring her to be more assertive and present in all aspects of her life and it sounds like she’s going to have plenty of opportunity to assert herself. For starters, she’s working on a memoir, Horror Stories, for Random House. Ryan Adams has also been vocal about producing Phair’s next album, although she was apparently “mum” when pressed for details by Gould. The next album will be Phair’s first new full length since 2010’s Funstyle.

But Phair feels energized by current events, not enervated, and almost obligated to be more visible now, even though part of her would still like to stay home and be Elizabeth. “I’m coming out with a lot of content the next couple of years, and it’s specifically to push back, to make sure that that influence is there available and present. Just like … a woman working. Here’s my thoughts. Here are my opinions. I feel like we are obligated to put stuff out to counteract what is coming in.”

In the meantime, Phair is embarking on a brief tour in support of the 25th Anniversary Girly-Sound to Guyville box set at the end of May. Before she hits the road, the 51-year-old admits that she has to conquer her nervousness over performing songs that have never been played live, and relearning songs she hasn’t played in years.

“I’m actually abjectly terrified to be up there and have like a brain short-circuit,” Phair said.