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Why Is Justin Bieber in This Wack YouTube Sketch?

The question “What is Justin Bieber doing?” could have several answers at any given moment, in both an existential and literal sense. Since telling the press that religion had set him “free from bondage and shame,” he’s seemed to have gone on something of a tour around Los Angeles following in Jesus’ path, like when he bought water and snacks for the a homeless couple in L.A. and laid with them on the street, chatting.

This benevolent sense of kindness at least might help explain why the hell Bieber is in an almost nine-minute long comedy sketch from the YouTube comedian Rudy Mancuso. Mancuso, who opened for Bieber during the Purpose tour in Brazil (“come to Brazil”), appears alongside other kind of recognizable faces such as the Vine comedian King Bach and the EDM DJ Alesso, who is business partners with Mancuso. The video riffs on the “Superman of every race,” with the various participants doing basic racial humor in a bit that goes on for way longer than need be. Bieber makes his appearance towards the end as “Canadian Superman,” who—get this—is overly nice, friendly and into hockey. Wild stuff.

Watch the video below: