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Arca – “Fetiche”

Arca returns with a new 11-minute video that is as strange and mesmerizing as the experimental dance track accompanying it. The clip for “Fetiche,” directed by Arca and Carlos Sáez, is a strange journey with two pairs of unidentified feet in a pair of gorgeous heels, first caressing and walking tenderly into a pile of flowers slathered with a goo, letting the juices from the flowers crawl onto the leg. Eventually the tenderness grows aggressive as the song picks up, with the walking turning into stomping, the two pairs of feet ripping and grinding the flowers apart with the heels, and then sliding in the goo amongst the remains. It ends with a pink screen for the remaining three minutes.  The video is extremely odd and hypnotic, a beautiful watch making the song more enjoyable to listen to and may have you rewinding to watch it again. “Look inward, cut yourself loose from your self; tolerate no abuse,” goes the description for the video which is probably the only idea you’ll get about what is happening. Arca’s last album was released last year. Watch the video for Fetiche” below: