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A$AP Rocky Says He Wants to Collaborate with Morrissey

A$AP Rocky has long been known to be a fan of unconventional collaborations; his most recent single “A$AP Forever” features a prominent Moby sample, and back in 2015, his sophomore album At. Long. Last, ASAP featured a collaboration with Rod Stewart. In a new interview with Complex’s Open Late show this week, host Peter Rosenberg asked who he wants to work with in the studio in the future, knowing full-well he likes that “random old white guy” music. In response, Rocky said he might like to work with none other than former Smiths frontman and notoriously crotchety old white guy Steven Patrick Morrissey.

“I might have to fuck with Morrissey, on some Smiths shit,” Rocky said in the interview. “Make some emo, real, retro-infusion, motherfuckin’ 2018 shit, man.” He also discusses his ambitions for his upcoming record, which he hopes helps his audience embrace a variety of outlandish new sounds. Watch the interview below in full, with Rocky’s remarks about Morrissey happening around the 28 minute mark.

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