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Vince Staples Starts GoFundMe Campaign for People Who Want Him to “Shut the Fuck Up Forever”

Vince Staples is notoriously outspoken, sometimes combative, and almost always hilarious on social media and in interviews. The Long Beach rapper is never afraid to voice his opinions honestly and succinctly, even it means a lifetime’s worth of rabid Eminem fans ravaging his mentions. In response to some recent critics (of his stage show, apparently), Staples has now launched a new GoFundMe campaign titled “#GTFOMD” which gives haters the opportunity to stop his career in its tracks.

“You can decide to donate to the cause of 2 million dollars, which will allow me to shut the fuck up forever, and you will never hear from me again,” Staples says in his video for the campaign. “No songs, no interviews, no anything.” The choice is simple, Staples explains: “Get off my dick or fund my lifestyle.” In the description for the page, Staples writes that he will use the money to:

– Move to Palmdale
– Buy a Honda
– Year supply of soups for the homies locked down
– Buy a puppy

Watch the video below, and don’t donate to the cause here.