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Stream Virtue, the New Album From The Voidz

We’ve been hearing about the new Voidz album Virtue for a while now, and there’s been no shortage of previews of just what kind of madman journey Julian Casablancas is preparing to take us on this time. It started with the whiplash one-two of “Leave It In My Dreams” (which was one of our favorite songs that week) and the much stranger “QYURRYUS.” From there, we heard “Pointlessness” and “AlieNNatioN” and “Pyramid Of Bones” and “All Wordz Are Made Up.” (The latter two also had accompanying videos.) If that wasn’t enough for you, there was also Jules’ far-ranging and headline-generating interview with David Marchese over at Vulture, and that time he paid James Corden an endearingly awkward visit to talk about invisible wars while Corden tried to stuff orange slices in his purse-vest.

As it’s been said on this site … It has been a wild ride! That is a full six lead singles and it’s still only a third of the album. That means there’s still a lot of Virtue to wrap your head around, and it’s not like those lead singles came together into any sort of roadmap aside from, “Hey, this album’s going to be a trip.” Aside from the fact that the Voidz are gearing up to give you an album overflowing with ideas colliding and freaking out all over each other. Aside from letting you know you’re about to re-enter the Strokes frontman’s Upside Down, that “There is no spoon,” all that kinda shit.

But, look, you don’t need me to tell you anything about this album. We already published a Michael Nelson opus that is, appropriately, as personal and loopy and exploratory as Virtue itself. So here’s what I’d recommend: Open up that review as your listening companion, crack a beer, and dig into this batshit doozy of an album for yourself.

This article originally appeared on Stereogum.