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Stormy Daniels’s Lawyer Says 60 Minutes Interview Could Have Included Description of Trump’s “Genitalia”

Michael Avenatti: Stormy Daniels Can Describe Trump's Genitalia

Porn star Stormy Daniels’s attorney Michael Avenatti appeared on the Today show on Monday morning following his client’s highly anticipated 60 Minutes interview, where she revealed details about her alleged tryst with then-Apprentice host Donald Trump at a 2006 celebrity golf tournament.

In an occasionally heated exchange with Today host Savannah Guthrie, Avenatti teased information that didn’t make it to air during his client’s interview with Anderson Cooper.

“She was prepared to discuss intimate details relating to Mr. Trump. She can describe his genitalia,” Avenatti told Guthrie. “She can describe various conversations that they had that leave no doubt as to whether this woman is telling the truth.”

Thankfully, she didn’t. At least, she didn’t on the portion of the interview that aired on Sunday. She did, however, make a similar threat to InTouch Weekly in 2011.

“I can definitely describe his junk perfectly,” Daniels told InTouch, “if I ever have to.”

Avenatti claimed to have more proof that his client engaged in an affair with the now-president, but is keeping that close to his vest for now. Last week, the attorney tweeted a photo of a disc in a safe with the implication that it contained some hard evidence of an affair or coverup with Daniels.

Daniels participated in the interview at great personal risk considering the NDA she signed in 2016 in exchange for a $130,000 payout from Trump’s fixer Michael Cohen. Although Avenatti is fighting to have the agreement dissolved, Trump’s legal counsel is seeking $20 million in damages from Daniels for speaking out about an affair the president says never happened.