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Ross From Friends Signs to Brainfeeder, Releases “John Cage”

Ross From Friends is the moniker of English producer Felix Clary Weatherall, who, despite making music for quite a few years, really gained recognition in the underground dance world with his viral 2015 single “Talk To Me You’ll Understand.” Once something of a figurehead for the brief, delightful microgenre known as “lo-fi house,”  the producer has now announced that he’s signed to Flying Lotus‘ Brainfeeder imprint for a six-track EP called Aphelion out this April.

Paired with the announcement, Weatherall has shared a new, hopefully-also-ironically-titled single called “John Cage.” Featuring the continued presence of the same dreamy Rhodes chords that dominated his earlier material, the single marks a slower moment for the producer, trading the thumping four-on-the-floor kick of his house tracks for deconstructed hip-hop with almost a PPU boogie edge.

According to Weatherall, the track “originally began life as a tune for this goofy hip-hop project that me and my pal Guy from back home always do when he’s in London.” He says, “I’d be making the beat and he raps. It’s always a refreshing approach making tracks in that atmosphere because we’re both always on such a spontaneous tip. When I’m making music alone, I’m obsessive and everything takes hours, whereas with Guy, we’d try and get as many tracks finished as possible in like a few hours.”

Ross From Friends’ Aphelion EP is out April 6 via Brainfeeder. Listen to “John Cage” below.