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New Music

Hear New Music by Oneohtrix Point Never in the Trailer for His Upcoming Myriad Installation

Late last year, Oneohtrix Point Never‘s Daniel Lopatin announced Myriad, a “four-part epochal song cycle” and installation performance coming to New York City’s Park Avenue Armory as part of this year’s Red Bull Music Festival. Today, we’ve received the project’s trailer video and performance dates. Myriad takes place May 22 and 24 and will reportedly feature 0PN’s first live ensemble. Tickets are on sale today.

Conceptually, the piece takes an “extraterrestrial” perspective on Lopatin’s interest in the humanities (“cinematic tropes, abstract sculpture, game ephemera, poetry, apocryphal histories, internet esoterica, and existential philosophies”), which should help explain why its trailer video flashes through an assortment of manmade images as a phalanx of unidentified objects approach the Earth. Tying into a neo-Medieval musical motif, the four parts of the cycle appear to be titled Age of Ecco, Age of Harvest, Age of Excess, and Age of Bondage. See the Myriad trailer and poster artwork below.

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