Mississippi Police Chief Caught Smoking Weed on Video: I’m the Only Police Chief That Likes to Smoke Weed

Lumberton, Mississippi police chief Shane Flynt was suspended with pay recently after local news network WDAM obtained video of Flynt hitting some fresh nugs straight to the face in some sort of rec room. In the video, which you should definitely watch here, Flynt says some pretty funny things, including:

“I’m only chief of police in Lumberton that likes to smoke weed,”

Now, I don’t know how Lumberton works, but most cities only have one police chief, which would sort of make Flynt the only weed-loving one by default. But assuming there are other chiefs in Lumberton, if Flynt could convince some of them that toking up can be fun and relaxing, maybe he wouldn’t get in so much trouble next time he does it. Heck, maybe they could even stop getting regular people in trouble for it. What a world that would be.

[New York Post]


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