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Watch John Prine’s Charming Tiny Desk Concert

John Prine recently stopped by NPR‘s studio to tape a Tiny Desk concert, featuring himself and a small band. The legendary country-folk singer-songwriter performed two new songs from his upcoming album The Tree of Forgiveness (out April 13). The opening song was a somber, unreleased new tune Prine cowrote with Dan Auerbach called “Caravan of Fools,” about which Prine quipped afterwards: “Any likeness to the current administration is purely accidental.” He also played the previously-released single “Summer’s End.” Between songs, Prine claimed that he worked with his primary co-writer for the album, Pat McLaughlin, on Tuesdays in Nashville because “that’s the day they make meatloaf. And I love meatloaf.”  Prine also ran through “All the Best” from 1991’s The Missing Years and “Souvenirs” from his 1972 album Diamonds in the Rough. Watch Prine’s natural charisma at work below.