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Video: Future — “Absolutely Going Brazy”

Future can’t slow down –he might even be allergic to it. He’s back once again with a surprise music video entitled “Absolutely Going Brazy” that confirms as much. Musically, it’s boilerplate Future: raspy melodic progressions over a triumphant arena-rap beat; meant to inspire as well as hype you up. The song is all about Future portraying his hustler’s mentality but as with most of his songs, it is also a backdoor into his own psychosis (“I cannot sleep with these demons behind me”).

The video consists of concert and behind-the-scenes footage from various Future shows, taken with both professional cameras as well as cell phones, that has been mashed together in a psychedelic whirlwind meant to convey the insanity and thrill of rap success. As of yet, there’s no indication of whether this is a one-off or a prelude to a coming larger project but with Future, you know there’s more music coming down the pipeline soon.

Watch the video below: