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Death and Taxes

Oscars 2018: Alleged Frances McDormand Statue Thief Arrested for Felony Grand Theft [UPDATED]

Frances McDormand left the statue she was awarded for winning the Best Actress category at the Oscars open for an easy swiping during the ceremony and the festivities last night. Someone could have jumped up and grabbed it during her acceptance speech, when the Three Billboards Outside of Ebbing, Missouri actress set it down on the stage before asking all the female nominees in the audience to stand. Perhaps they wouldn’t have gotten far in that situation, but one intrepid pilferer did during a second opportunity at the Governors Ball following the ceremony.

An unidentified man (pictured below) allegedly attempted to run off with McDormand’s statue before being nabbed by (!) Wolfgang Puck’s photographer. According to reports, the guy had the audacity to attempt a return to the party afterwards, but was detained by cops soon afterwards. Now after speaking to sources in L.A. law enforcement, TMZ reports that the man has been booked on felony grand theft, despite the fact that it was only an attempted statue heist. Seems a little egregious, doesn’t it?

Update: Buzzfeed reports that the culprit’s name is Terry Bryant, and that his bail has been set at $200,000. The 47-year-old posted a video of himself walking around Governor’s Ball brandishing the statue, allowing cheering passerbys to hold it while inquiring after the location of Jimmy Kimmel’s party. “This is mine…We got it tonight, baby,” Bryant gloated. Watch the video below.