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Watch Sting Try to Hang Out With Shaggy in Jamaica in Their “Don’t Make Me Wait” Video

In the new video for “Don’t Make Me Wait,” Sting and Shaggy‘s recent lead single from their upcoming collaborative album 44/876, there is footage of Sting sipping on a Red Stripe while watching Jamaican men play dominoes. He triumphs at snooker, and leans up against a wall next to a group of bikers. He sits on the hood of a Jeep playing an electric guitar that’s not plugged in, and attempts to turn up at a block party. Toward the end the two men put on a concert, where Shaggy gets more of the action while Sting bops around in the background.

Shaggy and Sting’s collaboration still seems like it must be a joke on some level, but neither of them appear to be laughing. 44/876 is out on 4/20—again, is this a joke?