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Listen to R&B Singer Raveena’s Warm and Gentle Ballad “I Won’t Mind”

On her 2017 debut EP, Shanti, New York-based singer Raveena Aurora made bubbly, warm R&B that used nature imagery and dreamy vocals to capture her self-love and healing. Her work has especially centered women of color, with the EP taking its name from the Hindi word for peace, an homage to her Indian-American roots.

On “I Won’t Mind,” her first new track since Shanti, Raveena slows down, showing an especially tender and vulnerable side of herself as she tries to assuage a lover’s anxiety and reclusiveness with “the energy of a woman.” Her falsetto melts over gentle keys as she reassures her lover that she knows they don’t usually cry but won’t mind if they do. While her earlier music’s boisterous, jazzy beats reveled in joy, “I Won’t Mind” is sparse and cautious, foregrounding Raveena’s vocals as the song delves into the difficult work required to be happy. As the song unfolds and Raveena repeats the titular phrase, she carves out a warm space for vulnerability and uncertainty.