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Lord Huron – “Wait by the River”

Lord Huron have released “Wait by the River,” the second (technically third) new song we’ve heard from the forthcoming album Vide Noir. Where two-part first single “Ancient Names” found the folk-inspired band flirting with garage rock, “River” offers a refined, waltz-like sound that can’t quite cover for the sins of a fatalistically obsessed narrator.

Vide Noir is out April 20. Listen to “Wait by the River” and check out the album’s full track list below.

Lord Huron, Vide Noir
1. “Lost in Time and Space”
2. “Never Ever”
3. “Ancient Names (Part I)”
4. “Ancient Names (Part II)”
5. “Wait by the River”
6.  “Secret of Life”
7.  “Back from the Edge”
8.  “The Balancer’s Eye”
9. “When the Night is Over”
10. “Moonbeam”
11. “Vide Noir”
12. “Emerald Star”


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