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Listen to the Song Ezra Koenig Wrote For James Corden to Sing in Peter Rabbit

attends YoungArts and III Points Presents SBTRKT on the YoungArts Campus on December 6, 2014 in Miami, Florida.

If you can hear it over the sound of Beatrix Potter rolling in her grave, there is a song written by Vampire Weekend‘s Ezra Koenig in the new animated film Peter Rabbit. The film–a middle-schoolers-giving-each-other-wedgies-in-the-mall-parking-lot-informed take on the cunicular character from Potter’s beloved turn-of-the-century children’s books–stars James Corden as the primary vocal talent. Koenig and the film’s director Peter Gluck (Annie, Friends With Benefits, Easy A) co-wrote a song for Corden to sing in the film. Entitled “I Promise You,” the tune kicks off with an off-center reggae vibe, before settling into a culminating section that imagines The Zombies drinking Mountain Dew Kickstart, driven by clanking piano and harpsichord, and a tuneful, Baroque melody. Listen below.