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Adam Sandler Talks With “Prince”

In the ’90s, Adam Sandler‘s dream was to meet his favorite rock star of all time. Here we’ve digitized his “interview” with the Paisley Park legend. This story originally appeared in the February 1993 issue of SPIN, which was partially written and guest-edited by members of the SNL cast. Read interviews and stories from comedy icons of the era–Chris Rock, Tom HanksTim MeadowsJulia Sweeney and others–in our package of highlighted stories from the issue. 

Adam Sandler: I’m here with Prince. The new album — the critics are lovin’ it, the fans are lovin’ it, and I’m lovin’ it. It’s cool, it’s definitely cool.

Prince: Well, thank you. I worked on it for a long time and I feel it definitely is accurate in portraying the mood I was in for that period of my life – funky.

Sandler: [Laughs] Cool. It’s definitely cool. I love it.

Prince: Thank you.

Sandler: You can do it all. Writing — you the man. Singing — you the man.

Prince: Thank you.

Sandler: Dancing — you the man. Acting — you the man.

Prince: Well, thanks.

Sandler: Directing — you the man. Jamming — you the man.

Prince: Yeah, thanks very much.

Sandler: I mean your movies are really cool. Purple Rain was so good, man. That was your first, right?

Prince: Yeah, Purple Rain was the first and the one I hold closest to my heart. It was the coming together of so many parts of me that I wanted to show.

Sandler: Yeah, I thought it was cool. I remember I almost didn’t see it.

Prince: Oh really?

Sandler: Yeah. My friend Dave Connare was supposed to pick me up to go see it and I told him I would meet him at the top of my street at 7:00 so he wouldn’t have to come down to my street ’cause it was snowing and his car really sucked in the show.

Prince: Uh-huh.

Sandler: And…uh…I’m up there waitin’ for him, and I’m waitin’ a little longer and longer and I’m goin’ to myself, where the hell is he, you know?

Prince: Yeah.

Sandler: I was like, “You said 7:00, man, here I am. Where are you?”

Prince: Yeah.

Sandler: And then my other friend Kyle McDonough saw me on the corner and he pulled over and he was like, “What’s up?” And I go, “I’m waitin’ for Connare. I don’t know where the hell he is. We’re supposed to go to Purple Rain in Bedford.” I lived in Manchester.

Prince: Yeah.

Sandler: So he goes, “Shit, man, I’ll go with you guys.” And I go, “We’ll hang on for a few and if Connare doesn’t show up, let’s just go.” [Laughs] Am I right, Prince? I mean screw it. I didn’t wanna just stand on the corner all night freezing my nuts off.

Prince: Yeah.

Sandler: Then like five minutes later, Connare showed up. I was like, “You fuckin’ guy.” And he’s like, “I was on the phone.” And I was like, “Why didn’t you fuckin’ hang up, man? I can’t even feel my balls, you know?” You know what I mean, Prince.

Prince: Yeah… it was cold.

Sandler: Yeah, it was fucking cold. So anyways, I got in the car and McDonough just followed us there. We almost lost him, but he knew where it was anyways. McDonough and I loved it. Apollonia was so hot in it, it was sick. Connare didn’t dig her as much as we did, but he still thought she was hot. And you, you lucky bastard, you got to make out with her, huh?

Prince: Yeah.

Sandler: Was she hot or what?

Prince: Yeah. She was very nice.

Sandler: Oh man… So what else is up?

Prince: What’s up?

Sandler: Yeah, you know — with everything.

Prince: Um… well, I’m starting my tour in a few weeks so we’re busy rehearsing.

Sandler: Gotta rehearse.

Prince: Yeah. And so we’re getting ready for that. We’re doing quite an elaborate stage show.

Sandler: Shit yeah. Are you going to be playing that guitar over there?

Prince: No, I just use her in the studio.

Sandler: It’s wicked nice.

Prince: Yeah, I got her at —

Sandler: May I?

Prince: What… play her?

Sandler: Shit yeah — it looks so cool.

Prince: Well—

Sandler: I’ll be careful, don’t worry. [Plays some guitar] Shit, the action is unbelievable on this thing.

Prince: Yeah, it’s nice.

Sandler: I’d kill for this guitar. How much was it?

Prince: [Agitated] Um… I don’t know. It was a gift from B.B. King.

Sandler: [Laughs] You fuckin’ guy. Hey, let me play you this tune I wrote like a year ago: “You are a crazy thing especially when you’re mad/ You are my everything without you I’m so sad/ You came into my life and you felt just like a snowstorm/ That’s why I gave you the jacket of life.”

Prince: Hey, I gotta go to the bathroom.

Sandler: Okay, I’ll be here… “Jacket of life it’s such a way to be/ To cover you up and button your top button/ To be the pockets where you keep your tissues and put your gloves when you’re not using them/ I’m your… jacket of life.”

Prince’s bodyguard: Hey, you’ve gotta leave.

Sandler: Oh… okay, are we going to finish this later?

Bodyguard: Put the guitar down.

Sandler: But Prince said I could—

Bodyguard: Come on, let’s go.

Sandler: Let go of me.

Bodyguard: Move it.

Sandler: Get the hell off of me.