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Watch the Weather Station’s Slow-Burning Tiny Desk Concert

There’s an understated kinetic energy to the Weather Station’s self-titled fourth album (one of Spin’s favorites of 2017), as if the knottily conversational songs by frontwoman Tamara Lindeman might careen away from their folk-rock arrangements at any moment. This quality is heightened further in live performance, as Lindeman’s minimal backing band stretches out and luxuriates in the grooves of the compositions, carefully treading the line between introspection and physical catharsis. The band recently appeared on NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert series, performing charged renditions of “Thirty,” “You and I (On the Other Side of the World,” and “Free.” My only gripe is that Lindeman had to self-censor a particularly well-placed F-bomb from the fourth verse of “Thirty,” but I guess you’re still not allowed to say that on the radio. Watch it below.