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Laurie Anderson and Kronos Quartet – “The Water Rises” / “Our Street Is A Black River”

Laurie Anderson and Kronos Quartet are gearing up to release their collaborative album Landfall on February 16, and today they’ve shared a pair of interwoven tracks from the album, “The Water Rises” and “Our Street Is A Black River.” The album will mix acoustic sounds from the legendary quartet, known for their willingness to collaborate with and adapt music by wildly different artists and composers in different idioms, with electronically manipulated sounds, found sounds, and piano. The lush, mournful instrumentals form a backdrop for Anderson’s largely spoken storytelling, which was largely inspired by her experience during Hurricane Sandy. Previously, they released the knotty, dissonant album track “We Learn to Speak Yet Another Language.” Preorder Landfall at Nonesuch’s site and listen to “The Water Rises” and “Our Street Is a Black River” below.