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Can You Tell Anything About Justin Timberlake’s Man of the Woods From These Nightclub Preview Clips?

With Justin Timberlake’s new album Man of the Woods not due out until February 2, a lingering question regarding its direction remains, with its rustic trailer and salt-of-the-earth title feeling a bit like a fake out after the release of the funk-inspired first single “Filthy. Over the weekend, Timberlake stopped by the famous New York City nightclub 1 OAK to play some songs off the album, but good luck getting any feel for what it sounds like based on the clips that leaked online.

A Twitter user named @yagmuurcoskuun posted some clips apparently culled from various Instagram stories, and despite their surprisingly high fidelity they do not say much about the new album. There’s a trap-ish beat and some of the twinkly guitars that were featured in the album’s trailer, which seem to combine into an unholy fiddle-meets-EDM melody. Whether or not the songs are truly going to “bring the outside in” as he promises in a tour trailer, they are clearly JT originals—his signature nasally tenor is all over these tracks. These clips decidedly leave a lot of unanswered questions such as: “Is this the track called ‘Flannel,’ or is this perhaps ‘Supplies’?” “Why did he name a song ‘Breeze Off the Pond’? Do ponds even create breeze?” and “Why is Justin Timberlake previewing his new album at 1 OAK in 2018?” Please let us know if you can tell anything at all about Man of the Woods from the below clips.