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If You Still Don’t Like “Gucci Gang,” Try This Remix Instead

Lil Pump‘s “Gucci Gang” sits right on the knife’s edge between awesome and annoying. I think it’s good dumb fun personally, but if you take to it like a dentist’s drill screeching three inches from your ear then I get that. In any case, I suggest giving a listen to this remix by the producer omniboi, who puts the song under the same light drizzle of house music as Drake’s “Passionfruit” before eventually applying the warm touch of balearic disco. It gives “Gucci Gang” the soft glow of a sunset—a true miracle.

Remixers try this kind of trick all the time, hoping to flip a rap or R&B song into pleasing, tasteful dance music. (Kaytranada has made a career off it.) The reason I love omniboi’s “Gucci Gang” remix is not just because of the improbability of it working out, but because it doesn’t sound to me like he was aiming for a marketable chill vibes playlist; instead, I hear someone with a good idea for a novel spin on a big rap song, representative of not an idea of “taste” but his own. Admittedly, that might be influenced by this really fun video omniboi producing the song live: