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Ex-Community Writer Megan Ganz Confronts Former Boss Dan Harmon Over Workplace Conduct

Dan Harmon accused of sexual harassment by Megan Ganz

Sitcom writer Megan Ganz confronted her former boss Dan Harmon on Twitter after the Community creator and Rick and Morty co-creator shared a vague New Year’s resolution implying that he was trying to be a better person in 2018. Harmon has a reputation for being a difficult boss with a tendency towards berating his subordinates.

“This was truly the Year of the Asshole. Myself included,” Harmon tweeted. “We don’t have to make 2018 the Year of the Mensch but I hope it can be the Year of the Not as Much of an Asshole. #RealisticGoals.”

Ganz, who worked with Harmon on Community, replied, asking Harmon if he would “care to be more specific.

The former co-workers then discussed Ganz’s grievances with Harmon stemming from her tenure as his employee.

Harmon seems to be hinting at workplace misconduct when he apologizes for “abusing my position” and “treating [Ganz] like garbage.” The “foggy memories” likely refers to Harmon’s admitted issues with alcohol. Ganz informs him that her memories are much clearer.

“It took me years to believe in my talents again, to trust a boss when he complimented me and not cringe when he asked for my number,” Ganz replied, seemingly hinting at some sort of harassment. “I was afraid to be enthusiastic, knowing it might be turned against me later.”

Harmon continues the exchange by claiming that he has radically altered his workplace conduct based on whatever went down between him, Ganz, and others.

“I’m disgusted and sorry that I stained our show and your talent with my selfish, childish shit,” Harmon writes, without specifying what that “selfish, childish shit” actually entailed. “I get that I can’t erase it, don’t want to, but have felt sick about it. I have kept a wall between me and coworkers and I have preached doing so as gospel because of how I treated you.”

Ganz’s reply seems to imply that Harmon sent her offensive texts, made inappropriate phone calls, or abused having her private contact information in smoother way.

After Ganz moved on to write for Modern Family in 2013, she hinted at a rift in their relationship when she told Splitsider, “I hope a few years from now that I can start talking to Dan again and have there not be any weird feelings.”