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Video: Andrew W.K. — “Ever Again”

Back in September, party guru and motivational speaker Andrew W.K. announced his first studio album since 2009’s Gundam Rock, a Japan-only release that featured — what else — Andrew’s takes on tracks from the classic Gundam television series. Today, he’s released “Ever Again,” a raucous single from his upcoming album. Andrew W.K. described the track and video as “a fantasy in which I get to imagine what it would be like to actually know the meaning of life — a dream in which I’ve finally returned from the brink of spiritual annihilation, having wrested the ultimate insight from out of the abyss…A love that transcends emotion. A love that can’t be understood, but can only be deeply and joyously experienced.” Andrew W.K.’s yet-to-be-named album drops March 2 on Sony. Watch the video for “Ever Again” below.