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Roy Moore Is Not Handling His Loss Well, According to His Facebook Page

Roy Moore behaving like sore loser on Facebook

If his Facebook page is any indication, failed GOP Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore is extremely mad online. Nine days have passed since his opponent, Democratic candidate Doug Jones, won the December 12 special election and Roy Moore still hasn’t conceded. Although Moore dug his heels in and insisted on waiting for overseas ballots to be counted, Alabama Secretary of State John Merrill (R) announced yesterday that the 5,333 outstanding ballots don’t close the almost 21,000 vote gap between Jones and the alleged sexual predator.

Judging from the inept equestrian’s social media presence, Moore isn’t planning on taking the L anytime soon. On December 19, Moore posted a news report from the local Fox affiliate about Merrill investigating an off-handed comment a man at the Jones victory party made to a reporter about coming in from out of state to help mobilize the voting effort. Granted, it’s not illegal for non-residents to volunteer on behalf of a candidate as long as they’re not voting in the actual election. This investigation sounds like a long shot, but Moore is clearly keeping hope alive.

Hours later, Moore shared a post from the sketchy right wing site World Net Daily accusing a “coalition of Muslim and Marxist-led groups” of tipping the vote for Jones. The posting seems to imply that Muslims and people of color gamed the vote by nefarious means rather than them simply showing up to vote against the candidate who actively discriminates against them and waxes nostalgic about slavery.

On Wednesday, Moore shared an Advocate interview with Carson Jones, his opponent’s gay son. Moore didn’t provide a caption for the post, but he didn’t have to. Considering that Moore is an outspoken homophobe, his intent in sharing the interview is clear.

Otherwise, there’s nothing to see here except a 74-year-old alleged child molester throwing a tantrum over a race he clearly lost.