Rachel Dolezal Has Done It Again

Rachel Dolezal releases 2018 calendar
(Photo by racheldolezal.com)

So you drew Natalie from accounts payable out of your office’s Secret Santa and the two of you have never exchanged words beyond general pleasantries and gripes about the morning commute. What do you get for the coworker you barely know? A scented candle? A random basket of skin care products swiped off the table in the front of The Body Shop on your way out of the mall? Or do you go the extra mile and order her a calendar full photos of Rachel Dolezal styled like she’s the third lead in an episode of The Red Shoe Diaries?

In addition to the photos of Dolezal wearing a prom gown in her portraits, $18.99 buys you her “own inspirational quotes” and  “Black History [sic] facts throughout the year.”

Here’s a Black History fact to carry you through the year: Dolezal is a white woman who insists that she is a member of another race and doesn’t see anything offensive about it.

According to the caption on the month of May, “Living in full color means stepping outside the boxes prescribed by society & following the nature of your soul.”

In this case, the nature of her soul led her to be ousted from a position as a NAACP chapter head after it came to light that she is a white woman fraudulently posing as a black woman.





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