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Listen to Nine Inch Nails Discuss the Making of “The Lovers” on Song Exploder

Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross, the current alpha and omega of Nine Inch Nails, appeared on the newest episode of Song Exploder to break down the making of and the inspiration behind a standout track on their most recent release, July’s Add Violence EP. The moody, polyrhythmic “The Lovers,” apparently, began with a combination of idiosyncratic drum and synth loops and a bit of poetry Trent Reznor had lying around dealing with themes of “addiction” and “seduction.” The podcast is an interesting and comprehensive document of Reznor and Ross’ working process, which has resulted in a vast quantity of music–for Nine Inch Nails, film/TV soundtracks, and other scattered endeavors–over the course of the past several years. Listen to the podcast below, and read our 2016 interview with Reznor and Ross here.