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Migos & Marshmello – “Danger”

The other thing not named Star Wars that’s dropping on Dec. 15 is the soundtrack for the new Will Smith movie Bright, which will be released a week later on Dec. 22. Like Suicide Squad—which also features Smith and director David Ayer—the soundtrack prides itself on a mish-mash of features. For example, DRAM and Neil Young are on a song called “Campfire.” The combos rarely work, and Migos and EDM star Marshmello‘s team-up “Danger” is no rarity, with hardly anything cohering. Migos sound like they don’t quite know what to do with Marshmello’s hyper-saturated production and they’re figuring it out as they’re rapping. The new song drops with a video interspersed with Bright scenes that you can watch below. Bright will premiere on Netflix.