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Jimmy Fallon Couldn’t Quite Handle Cardi B During Their Tonight Show Interview

Before releasing her new single with 21 Savage tonight, Cardi B hit up The Tonight Show for a quick interview with Jimmy Fallon. It was supposed to be a pretty basic conversation about the success of “Bodak Yellow” and her engagement with Migos‘ Offset, but Fallon isn’t quite cut out to be interviewing someone like Cardi. His clean-cut gooberish-ness just doesn’t mesh with Bronx rawness.

Being unabashedly herself is Cardi B’s thing, so her naturally humor and love of New Yorker onomatopoeic expressions continually misses the late night host. Plus, it doesn’t help that he looks out of it at the interview’s start. As a result, we get a nonplussed Fallon and exchanges like these:

Jimmy Fallon: You’re engaged with Offset from Migos. He did that live?


Fallon: I mean, ‘Brr’ is right! Yah! It looks gorgeous. Let me see that ring.

Cardi B: Don’t get to close because I ain’t put no lotion in my hand.

Fallon: Gotchu, gotchu.

Cardi B: It’s the wintertime.

Fallon: It’s the wintertime. I got you. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Fellow Bronxites and objectively funny duo Desus & Mero also gave Fallon a visit earlier this year, and Fallon was about as confused. Watch both clips below.