DJ Taye – “Get It Jukin” ft. Chuck Inglish

(Photo by DJ Taye)

Teklife‘s DJ Taye has released “Get It Jukin,” the first single from his debut solo album Still Trippin, out on March 2 via Hyperdub. The song cruises at a typical footwork tempo, but the drum programming spares room for a rap verse from Chuck Inglish, melding genres in a style Teklife previously explored on Chicago emcee Mic Terror’s EP Live From Your Mama’s House.

Taye himself raps on the album, which he said in a press release was inspired by DJ Rashad‘s death in 2014. “When Rashad passed away I felt inspired to continue evolving the music that I loved so much coming up in this world,” Taye said. “So, I had to do something…make something brand new.” Fellow Teklife members DJ Paypal and DJ Manny also make guest appearances. Listen to the single and check out the tracklist below.

DJ Taye, Still Trippin tracklist
1. “2094”
2. “Trippin”
3. “Need It” ft. DJ Manny
4. “Smokeout” ft. DJ Lucky
5. “Same Sound” ft. Odile Myrtil
6. “9090”
7. “Another” ft. DJ Manny
8. “Bonfire” ft. DJ Paypal
9. “The Matrix” ft. DJ Manny
10. “Get It Jukin” ft. Chuck Inglish
11. “Pop Pop” ft. DJ Paypal
12. “Gimme Some Mo” ft. Uniqu3
13. “Truu” ft. DJ Paypal
14. “Closer”
15. “I’m Trippin”
16. “I Don’t Know” ft. Fabi Reyna


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