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Walter Becker’s Widow Reveals That His Death Came After a Struggle With Esophageal Cancer

Rolling Stone published a letter written by late Steely Dan guitarist and co-founder Walter Becker‘s widow Delia today. The heartfelt note thanks his fans for their condolences and tributes, but also provides new details about Becker’s struggle with cancer at the end of his life.

Delia Becker explains in the latter that Becker had died four months after being diagnosed with esophageal cancer, which “seemed to have come out of nowhere and had spread with terrifying speed.” He underwent “an intense regimen” of chemotherapy and ultimately passed away, as Ms. Becker explains, as a result of “the cancer’s aggressiveness and the overwhelming toxicity resulting from the chemotherapy treatments.”

She also writes that “passed peacefully in our New York City home, surrounded by his family, his music, and a blustery rainstorm — one of his favorite sounds” and that “he was cremated without ceremony or memorial in New York City” in accordance with his own express wishes. Read her full letter over at Rolling Stone.