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Video: Björk – “Blissing Me”

Björk released “Blissing Me,” the newest single from her upcoming album Utopia, last night. Driven by cascading harp-like plucks and Björk’s hypnotic, central melody, the song tells the story about a burgeoning relationship between “two music nerds” who bond over “sending each other MP3s.” The central question, eventually, is the possibility of how far things can safely and happily go. “Well, would it be trespassing/Wanting him to be blissing me?” Björk wonders in the middle of the song.

The Icelandic singer-songwriter has also shared a new video for the track. The clip, directed by Emma Dalzell and Tom Walker, finds Björk clad in a typical ornate and surreal outfit, but it’s is an otherwise simple affair: She sings and dances exuberantly, and acts out stray lyrics (“excess texting”), against a simple white backdrop.

Earlier this month, Björk discussed the personal awakening that the music on Utopia evokes: “I think I’m Tindered to life. I’m dating life. I’m like: ‘Oh, those are new hands and I’ve got new legs and new… it’s a feeling of… It feels like a new adventure.’” The album is due out November 24. Watch the “Blissing Me” clip below.