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Jay-Z Convinced Beyoncé to Sing on Eminem’s Latest Song

Rick Rubin‘s big Friday includes producing Eminem‘s new Beyoncé-featuring single “Walk on Water” and the premiere of his new podcast with Malcolm Gladwell called Broken Record, in which Em’s the show’s first host. The rapper born Marshall Mathers geeked out about some of favorite rappers (especially Tupac) and talked about the vulnerability of his new song. Gladwell also reveals that it was Jay-Z who convinced Beyoncé to appear on the song.

“Rick went to see Jay-Z—Beyoncé was out of town—and played him the song,” Gladwell explains in his narration. “He liked it and she liked it, and he got her to sing the chorus.”

Although Beyoncé and Eminem immediately seemed like an odd pairing to many, he and Jay-Z do have a long-standing relationship. Eminem is notably the only rapper featured on Jay-Z’s 2001 masterpiece The Blueprint, and the two did the brief The Home & Home Tour in 2010. Give “Walk on Water” and Broken Record in the stream below.