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Hovvdy – “Late”

Austin lo-fi duo Hovvdy have always had a penchant for hushed verses with sleepy, rolling chords. Last year’s Taster was flush with gentle tones and warm, heartfelt lyrics, and in October, the band polished up their muffled recordings with a bigger, better fleshed-out sound on their single “Petal.”

The latest single from their forthcoming album Cranberry, “Late” channels the steady churn of Taster‘s “Try Hard” with dusty keyboards and palm-muted guitars. Lyrically, the song finds the band mediating on forms of fear and anxiety that, as they put it in an email, always feel pretty irrational in hindsight. “You say it’s alright that I cannot be that guy,” they croon over mirrored keyboard runs. “Circle point of view / I’ll come around to you.”

Cranberry is out February 9 via Double Double Whammy. Check out “Late” below.