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Watch Skinflick, A Short Film Directed and Scored by Flying Lotus

Bob Heslip, also known as “Bob the Bubble Boy,” is an actor and performer who made an appearance in Flying Lotus‘ controversial Kuso from earlier this year, and performs with the Venice Beach Freakshow group. Heslip has a rare condition, Neurofibromatosis type 1, which causes his body to be covered in non-cancerous lumps and protrusions. Flying Lotus, under his directorial nom de plume “steve,” has made a film entirely devoted to exploring Heslip’s body, treating it almost like a landscape. The short, titled Skinflick, focuses on close-ups of Heslip’s skin, before eventually revealing his hands and face. At the end, Heslip’s wife Loana appears as well. The short film also features new original music from Flying Lotus. It’s available through NOWNESS now, as part of their “Define Beauty” series. Watch below.