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Brand New Cancels Remaining Tour Dates Following Sexual Misconduct Allegations Against Jesse Lacey

Following allegations of sexual misconduct against frontman Jesse Lacey, Brand New have cancelled the remaining tour dates in support of their album of this year, Science Fiction. “Due to the events of the last few days, Brand New will be postponing it’s upcoming three shows in the United Kingdom and Ireland,” the band wrote in a Facebook post. “Ticket refunds will be accepted at the original point of purchase.”

On Friday, a woman named Nicole Elizabeth Garvey posted in a public response to a Facebook thread (now no longer accessible) by former Brand New guitar tech Brian K. Diaz about rumors surrounding Lacey. Garvey alleged that the singer and guitarist had “solicited nudes” from her when she was 15 years old and pressured her into watching him masturbate on Skype. “Manipulated the hell out of me, demanded specific poses/settings/clothing, demeaned me, and made it clear that my sexuality was the only thing I had to offer,” she wrote.

Lacey responded to Garvey’s allegations this weekend in a statement, apologizing for “the for the hurt [he has] caused” without addressing Garvey’s specific claims about his behavior. He explained that at one point in his life he “developed a dependent and addictive relationship with sex” and that he was a “habitual cheater” before seeking treatment for his issues.

“I am sorry for how I have hurt people, mistreated them, lied, and cheated,” Lacey wrote. “I am sorry for ignoring the way in which my position, status, and power as a member of a band affected the way people viewed me or their approach to their interactions with me. And I am sorry for how often I have not afforded women the respect, support, or honesty that they deserved, and which is their right.”