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Watch William Patrick “Billy” Corgan Perform “The Spaniards” on Corden

In “The Spaniards,” one of the singles from William Patrick Corgan‘s intimate new solo album Ogilala, the artist we once affectionately called “Billy” sings of “trails of honey conquest” and “dragons full of grace.” He even dares to go full Jabberwocky with the line “through gails of spotless sunsets boon.” In a recent interview with Spin, Corgan spoke about writing lyrics as a mysterious, alchemical process: “Why do you say ‘hocus pocus’ and ‘googa mooga,’ you know what I mean? They’re magic words. When I sing them they sound magical to me. Do they sound magical to somebody else? I don’t know.” He delivered all of these “magic” phrases enthusiastically, eyes steadfastly closed, on The Late Late Show With James Cordenthe home of Carpool Karaoke (Corgan did not participate), last night. Watch his performance below.