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Bikini Kill Reunites to Perform with The Raincoats in New York

Kathi Wilcox of Bikini Kill (Photo by Steve Eichner/WireImage) *** Local Caption ***

In the midst of a stretch of live Q&A events at New York performance arts non-profit The Kitchen, the Raincoats surprised everyone with a live performance of classic songs. Joined by Palmolive of the Slits (who also drummed on the Raincoats’ debut album but left before its release), the group performed cuts from their 1979 self-titled album, which was also the the subject of Pitchfork Reviews Editor Jenn Pelly’s recent 33 1/3 book around which the event was focused. If that weren’t enough, Bikini Kill briefly reunited for the first time in 20 years to perform the classic “For Tammy Rae” from their 1993 album Pussy Whipped. Check out photos and videos of the event below.

Guess who got #theraincoats 40th anniversary-to-date set list AND met Gina + Ana? ME!!!!

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Last night at The Kitchen

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Raincoats bliss

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Ana da Silva & Gina Birch

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