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Watch Johnny Depp Star in Marilyn Manson’s Grotesque “SAY10” Video

Marilyn Manson has premiered the video for his song “SAY10” off his new album, Heaven Upside Down. The video follows his recent release for “WE KNOW WHERE YOU FUCKING LIVE.”

“SAY10” stars Manson, occupying a black throne,  and Johnny Depp, seated on a white throne, as demented overlords of a sex chamber crawling with nude women. Other visual elements include copious use of face paint, religious imagery, masturbation, and BDSM. While Depp mostly offers his patented Jack Sparrow face-acting of “confused and slightly intoxicated,” Manson manhandles many of the women before ultimately slitting his throat and gushing blood all over a white room.

Watch “SAY10” below.





Manson recently cancelled several tour performances following an injury at a recent New York City show.