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Video: Dawn-“Renegades” (A Dance Story)

D∆WN has released a second video for her bold, brassy single, “Renegades” from her 2016 album Redemption. The video, subtitled “A Dance Story,” features D∆WN and two backup dancers, well….dancing.

Wielding various props—baseball caps, tulle wraps, sweatshirt bodysuits, the usual—D∆WN and her backups first appear in black leather thongs and bras. After gyrating in choreographed harmony for a while, the screen turns neon green and they go to work at a ballet barre.

D∆WN, formerly known as Dawn Richard on previous solo records, released the singles “Gravity” and “Break Me” earlier this summer.

Watch “Renegades- A Dance Story” below and read our November 2016 Q&A with D∆WN here.